The functionality of the presentation of data in tables and functionality to dynamically change the data as Excel

Recently, we have implemented modules presenting a large amount of data in tables. Information presented is updated continuously when changes are made.
The client’s demand was to inform his client immediately of any change in data.
We adapted a mechanism that updates with the help of Ajax. The Mechanism verifies updates in data and changes them if it needs so. The panel automatically loads new data on to mobile devices in table that informs users of permanent changes in the data base, at the same time displaying a message informing witch data has been change as well as where and when the change has been made.

Another requirement is to implement the functionality of dynamic data changes by users.
The functionality of dynamic data changes by the user allows the user to copy (eg. Excel) data series to the columns "PASTE" and based on a defined formula view automatically recalculates the values in subsequent columns (COL 9 - COL 17). Operation of changing data is done by browser using JavaScript, without the need to reload pages and references to the application server.
In addition, dynamically pasted/typed data into cell "PASTE" are stored in cookies, so that you do not have to worry about losing this data when you turn off the computer.

AUTHOR: GitSoft | PUBLISHED: 2015-10-23

The functionality of the presentation of the data in the chart

Nothing speaks as well as the presentation of data on graphs. Increasingly, there is a need to present a set of information on advanced charts.

For the presentation of charts used a Flot Charts library. Charts enables scaling data, enables or disables the data series by selecting the range of data by checking the selected mouse field, presents the individual data points in the series and it allows you to select any symbol representing the point.
Options presenting data in charts seem endless. In addition, we adapted a mechanism the sends JSON data with the help of Ajax.

The example shows the 10 data series where each contains 1464 points which is 14640 records retrieved from the database.
Loading view of such a large amount of data that fits within 1.2 seconds.

AUTHOR: GitSoft | PUBLISHED: 2015-19-12

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