DentSoft–CRM ™

product designed for relationships with patients management

  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s helps in profiling prospects, understanding their needs, and in building relationships with them by providing the most suitable products and enhanced customer service.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s is intended to registrate patients visits to selected health care personnel based on patient’s personal data.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s keeps statistics of canceled and completed visits, informs patients about the upcoming visits.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s notifies patients regularly by SMS and / or via e-mail about the upcoming visits.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s displays the visits on the calendar adapted to mobile devices.

The advantages

benefits of using the system

  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s provides quick and easy access to the database of dentist’s patients.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s helps organizing the work of medical staff with patients.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s basing on data makes organizing the work of medical staff with patients easier.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s system thanks to noticing patients about upcoming visits reduces the amount of canceled ones.
  • DentSoft–CRM ™’s is available from anywhere and from any mobile device, which allows you to register visit at any time of the day and night .

Description of functionality

Description of the functionality presenting in the system DentSoft-CRM ™ and display of individual views.


DentSoft–CRM ™ has a view showing the appointments of patients for each logged doctor. Depending on the role of the logged in user the view may display appointments of every other user (of all doctors working in the office). The default view displaying weekly calendar shows visits schedule marked by colors on the virtual calendar where each doctor’s appointments are assigned with one color only.


DentSoft–CRM ™ has a view of “all patients” data input into the database. The red color means that patient data is not complete, since they have signed up to the system by the mobile device.

Analogous views for doctors and users of the system (administrators).


DentSoft–CRM ™ has a view of adding and editing visits witch can be run from the main menu and from the calendar view, after clicking the Calendar view “adding and editing visits” with the appropriate date and time of commencement of the visit starts running.

View of adding and editing visits allows you to select a patient from the patient list or add a new patient, which the system will consider as adding a patient with incomplete data and in the view “a list of patients” will appear a new entry marked in red.

Mobile view

Our application is designed for use on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Security Policy

The system provides security using password policies based the following principles:
The password must contain at least one letter. The password must contain at least one uppercase letter. The password must contain at least one number.
In addition, a system for SSL encryption of connections between client and server can be added to the system.

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